Monday, March 17, 2014

It's Paddy's Day You Feckers.

That's right- like every other North American, Irish-wannabe wanker I'm drinking Guinness and whiskey. Being that I lived in Ireland for some time I at least do it in class- it's not green and the whiskey's Canadian because lets' face it, Irish whiskey generally sucks. So if you're swilling green beer in some shit 'pub' and pounding the Jamesons here's a clue- we made fun of you in Ireland on Paddy's day so take that stupid green frilly hat off and relax with a proper drink. There, I feel better now. One-and-a half Guinness and I turn in to a right gobshite don't I?

Last time at this year I was getting ready to head to a wedding in Ireland, and this year we are on the move once again. For all my cyber-stalker out there who are obviously gutted I haven't posted in months, I'll fill you in as quickly as possible. I took a new position with the Slave Drivers in a new town four-ish hours away. As an added bonus we're also buying our first house (not provided by the Slave Drivers) because the new Outpost has a lower cost of living. We are still getting by on one income so buying here in a real city was out of the question unless we fancied living in a gang-tagged crack den. And that's crack, not craic for the Irish-savvy.

In two weeks then, we are once again packing up and heading out though to be fair in order to entice me to the middle of nowhere the Slave Drivers have purchased a transport caravan so someone else will have the pleasure of packing and moving my worldly goods whilst I sit in a hotel room waiting for it all to be over. Except for canned goods. They won't take any liquids because they will freeze in our artic clime and they can't be responsible for ruining all our food. Instead we have to throw it away or donate it to a food bank or something. My vote is to try to eat it all. Yum, let's all have another helping of jam and beans with a side of random hot sauce.

So food, dogs, fish, kids, and any liquid not there-in included gets left behind. Well, not really. The dogs are being kenneled and delivered, the fish have been re-homed and the kid is coming with. I've grown quite attached to New Mouth To Feed so I've decided to keep her and possibly create another. Yikes.

My life is very different, to say the least. New responsibility both in and out of work means that how I use my free time is changing dramatically. My gaming is shifting to mobile platforms. I am still playing a lot of games, but now it's almost exclusively Sol Forge due to it's accessibility on PC, Ipad, and Iphone. I can get my fix anytime, anywhere...yes, even on the toilet so que up suckers! I estimate I've played over 2,000 games thus far and it's still a lot of fun and all for free! I've only put $20 into the game during their 50% off sale. I've not turned cheap, I just think their pricing model is the most ludicrously expensive I have ever seen and unless they add lube and condoms to their virtual trading card packs, I'm not spending much more.

Right so, let's keep this short. We have pints to drink, green or otherwise, and New Mouth To Feed has finally fell asleep so I'm off to spend some time with She Who Will Be Named Later. I leave you with this, a great Irish-sung song written by an American about Ireland, that me and my daughter dance to quite regularly. Her mom and I were married in Galway and we gave her an Irish name so I felt it was fitting that she knows what proper Irish craic is all about.

This song was recorded in an Irish Pub, a real pub, without the expectation it would become a mega-hit on You Tube. This is how the pub sessions were- fun and laid back. I often miss that so much sometimes, oh and do please note the lack of green beer and fecking ridiculous leprecaun outfits.

A grand soft day indeed. Enjoy!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Solforge: Triple Threat

It's been a long time since I had that feeling- you know the one. The feeling that you are hooked on a new game. The type of hooked where you think about it constantly- hmmm, maybe I should try this- you think to yourself while bathing.....eating...driving....attempting to sleep.... It's awful. In a good kind of way.

I've waited for some time before officially deciding I was hooked. I hate to jump to conclusions, you see, but it is official. I am, in fact, hooked on this game. It's just bloody awesome.

 I started to get interested in Digital Trading Card games when I saw +Force Strategy Gaming and his Friday Night Magic videos on YouTube.. I bought Duels of the Planeswalkers and really, really liked it, but it didn't hook me. Long wait times for Multi player matches left me quite bored and avoiding boredom is the whole reason I play games in the first place. I got into the +Hearthstone Beta but the flashy animations and the ridiculous voice screaming in the tutorial meant I didn't get very far. Five minutes is about all I could handle proving once again, at least to me, if it's really popular, it usually sucks.

Solforge is currently in beta, and it's free- yea, I know that seems odd in the days of pay-your-way-in to alpha games. I wonder what's next- give some developer ten bucks and he'll tell you what he's thinking of making....someday...maybe. In any case it is free, and it will be Free To Play. I have currently spent a grand total of ZERO dollars on it and I'm having a good time. I believe there is a matchmaking system at play so I usually win as many as I lose. It's also on Steam so it's easy to get. Unfortunately for me it's also on Ipad and Iphone which means there isn't a single scenario in my life where I can't try and get a cheeky game in, and boy do I ever. That's what I mean by 'triple threat'. It's everywhere I go, all the time. It's also seamless so if I'm playing on my phone, and I walk over to the computer and load it up, it loads into the exact game on the exact turn I was playing. That's damn nice.

There have been times in my blogging life where I knew I was at the start of something. Just over three years ago I began to notice that most of my posts here focused on World of Tanks- a move away from Warhammer Online which had been my previous three-year thing. Now, ironically enough, Warhammer is shutting down- not ironic in terms of the reasons- it sucks and no one is playing- but ironic in the sense that I've found a new game that's dominating my time as it does so.

My new years schedule is full of 'away' so I will be mobile and likely playing nothing but Solforge for the better part of the next two months. My You Tube endeavors will eventually add Solforge to the mix as well. With War Thunder now adding tanks I wonder how much longer good ole World of Tanks will continue to keep me enthralled even if just a little.